Friday, 1 July 2016

Speechless to the generosity of her character;
Worship the kindness of her soul;
Spellbound to the magic in her words.

Timeless is her beauty;
Sparks fly when she rolls her eyes;
Beautiful lies are worth the blush.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


According to science, we will become what we regularly speak. More the number of times you repeat what you really want more clearer the path appears to be. This is not restricted to your spoken word, it can also be your thoughts, imaginations and feelings. 

Beyond this, there is something that is so powerful but often goes unnoticed. This is our self talk.
Sometimes, Sun doesn't appear so bright,
Many times, utter silence enchants around before a downpour.
Every time, your inner voice determines the person you are going to be. 
And guess what inner voice is a conscious decision. 

So, its is you who sees the person in you first before everyone notices. 

That continuous fall of word is a RUNNING COMMENTARY. 

It can lift your spirit as high as touching the sky.
And it can even pull you down, burning you to ashes.

Have you ever imagine a day without affording the luxury of even a single negative thought. 
Imagine it. 
That will be a day you wish it will repeat throughout your life. 

Don't be so afraid of this imagination, 
Don't fear about it being unreal.

It is possible by holding your RUNNING COMMENTARY consciously and putting it in a positive tone. 

Try it. 

At max  if  you fail, all that remains in the book of your life is a day with minimal negative outward reflections.

And if you succeed, dare not to stop it. You will experience HAPPINESS to its fullest. 

This multiplies, grows and expand to the undefined horizons very time you repeat.  

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Half past the year, its wedding season,
Marriages are made in heaven without reason;
Image result for heaven images in the bible
Men like their marital status before marriage,
Women adore it after;
Image result for marital status
It's true that husbands are sometimes wrong,
It's false that wives are sometimes right; 

It's difficult to clap with one hand,
It's much more difficult to complete life without holding a hand.
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